Deep Cleaning





Are you looking for a deep cleaning service? If you want to be sure that your cleaning professional will really make things sparkle, look no further than a deep cleaning service through Fresh & Shiny. A deep clean is the best way to ensure that your house starts spotless and stays that way. Over time, parts of your home – particularly kitchens and bathrooms – can accumulate layers of dirt, grease, and grime that a regular cleaner just cannot handle. When you book a deep cleaning service, you can take care of all those overlooked areas, since the following extras are automatically included: under the fridge & Stove


We Specialized in Deep cleaning removing all furniture if possible and cleaning behind it. Removing your stove and cleaning around and the floor behind leaving the area that we clean free of dirtiness that has been there for a long time.


Our initial cleaning is the first deep cleaning your house will experience with our services. During the initial cleaning, Fresh & Shiny team will arrive in uniform with environmentally friendly cleaning products, HEPA filter vacuum, microfiber cleaning towels, and detailed instructions to start your Deep Cleaning Services. Each team member will follow a designated area on the cleaning booking pages to make sure all your cleaning needs are addressed. Following the initial cleaning, Fresh & Shiny Manager will follow up to make sure everything was done to your expectations. We can schedule ongoing service at weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals to maintain the cleanliness of your home.


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We recommend two Spring (Deep Cleanings annually). Building on our Basic Home Cleaning service, the Spring/Deep Cleaning takes care of the less accessible areas around your home including those problem areas under beds and furniture, and inside appliances.


At Fresh & Shiny, we know that not every house has the same needs and not ever homeowner has the same preferences. That is why we pride ourselves on offering services that can be completely customized to your needs and wants. While we pride ourselves on the use of our Detail-Clean Rotation System for our regular house visits, we also offer one-time cleaning services that can leave your home looking spectacular—regardless of whether you are hosting a special event or just want it to look special before the holidays.